WINenergy has changed its name to WINconnect to better reflect our diverse range of utility services over and above electricity.

Built on the decade-long heritage of WINenergy’s embedded electricity services, our new brand reflects our best of breed approach to servicing the requirement of multi-tenanted premises (residential, commercial & industrial).

WINenergy continues on as our market-leading brand in embedded network electricity.

AQUA connect is our hot water billing service for buildings that have an energy-efficient centralised plant. The bills are for the energy component used to heat the water.

WINconnect now provides superior internet voice and data solutions. Connect now with ReadyNetGo to feel the experience of high quality, low contention internet.

Solar and embedded networks go hand in glove. Our subsidiary NextGen Utilities can address your needs in solar, storage, electric vehicle charging and demand management.

All of this is delivered in the context of compliance with the current regulatory regime. Whilst the industry is moving towards a requirement for Embedded Networks Managers authorisation, WINconnect is already a licenced energy retailer in all areas of the National Energy Market and the company holds an Australian Financial Services License.

As you will see, we have preserved the original WIN section of our logo. There are no fundamental changes, just a progression of the company name to better reflect our diversification and our commitment to link-your-world.