If you believe there is risk to life and property, immediately contact Emergency Services on 000.

Outages in the street are most likely to be resolved by the local network service provider. Their contact details will be shown on your WINenergy bill.

For any other faults related issues please contact WINenergy on;

1300 448 862

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This line is strictly dedicated to emergencies only it is not designed to respond to connection requests.

Before placing a call check;

  • to see if your safety switch has been tripped (located inside your tenancy meter box) – if you are not confident doing this yourself, please contact us on 1300 791 970.
  • see if your tenancy is the only one affected. If a neighbouring tenancy is also affected, phone WINenergy on the above fault line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a single appliance is effected, check that it is properly assembled and connected. Check the power point by plugging in a lamp to make sure there is power at the point.

If you have an electrical fault in your tenancy or with an appliance, do not try to fix it yourself. Call a licensed electrician.

If the power-lines are down, or if anything has fallen on them, keep well away. Ensure you call Emergency Services immediately.

Are you prepared for an emergency?

  • Torches should be readily accessible (with fresh batteries)
  • Have access to a phone which does not rely on electricity to operate. a mobile phone or phone with a cord (cordless phones require electricity to operate).  Mobile phones are also able to access internet capabilities.
  • Have a battery powered radio available for news and updates on weather conditions and power outages.
  • If using a portable generator, ONLY plug appliances into the outlets provided on the generator. Ensure the generator is used strictly in accordance with the instructions for the device.
  • Business customers should ensure emergency plans are up to date and ready to activate if required.

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