Found in high-rise apartment buildings, shopping centres, airports, office buildings and community hubs, embedded networks are the go-to solution for multi-tenanted properties.

WINconnect fulfills the role of Embedded Network Service Provider for embedded networks and over the past 12 years has been operating sites throughout Australia.

By being part of a WINconnect Embedded Network, customers have the peace of mind they are receiving all the benefits an embedded network can offer.


With an in-house operations team, our technicians are able to deliver same day connections. With a thorough knowledge of each building, customers do not have to be present for a connection to take place. This offers the convenience of simply filling out our ‘Get Connected’ form to ensure your utilities are on before moving into a property.

Transparency in our Rates:

With our ‘Best Offer’ price plan, WINconnect ensures that our rates are transparent and easy to understand. By moving away from confusing conditional discounts, customers are guaranteed to be placed on our best rate.

Individual Meters:

The biggest asset embedded networks provide occupants is the knowledge that each property is charged for its individual usage. In older buildings, the cost of electricity in the common areas is passed on to the owners and in effect passed on to tenants. Embedded Networks allocate individual meters to each property and the common areas, this ensures that occupants are only paying for the energy consumed at their property.

With the Owners Corporation managing the common area meters and usage, this reduces the strata fees of property owners and means these charges are not passed on to tenants.

Regulation in Pricing:

WINconnect adhere to strict regulatory practices when it comes to determining our rates. Under current legislation, Embedded Network Service Providers cannot charge more than the standing tariff set forward by the default retailer in each jurisdiction.

With this regulation in place, WINconnect customers have peace of mind that the rates charged are not excessive or to the benefit of their retailer.

Freedom of Choice:

WINconnect is a fully accredited and registered Embedded Network Manager and under recent legislative change on the 1st December 2017, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has ensured an easier process for customers to go with an alternate provider.

Being part of an embedded network doesn’t mean customers don’t have a choice in going with an alternate provider, it simply means the process is a bit different.

Setting up a WINconnect account first is the best way to ensure electricity supply gets connected quickly.  If a customer wishes to change to an alternate provider, the provider of  choice will set up on an ‘energy only’ offer. WINconnect does not charge any fees for changing to an alternate provider and customers will only pay for what they use until their new provider makes the necessary changes.

No Late Penalty Fees, Surcharges or Lock-in Contracts:

As there are no conditional discounts associated with our rates, there are also no penalties applied to customer accounts if a payment is missed. This is done to ensure all charges are for a customer’s usage and prevent further hardship in the event of financial difficulty.

WINconnect believe convenience should not come with a price, this is why for those customers wishing to have direct debit set up, there are no surcharges applied.

To ease the stress of moving, WINconnect offer no lock-in contracts for our utility services. To set up or close an account only 2-3 business days’ notice is needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Australian Based Company and Call Centre:

WINconnect is an Australian born and bred company with offices in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. Our friendly customer service team is based in Melbourne and is on hand to assist our customers with any queries. For our customers where English is not their first language, we also provide interpreter services by calling 13 14 50.

If you would like any further information, please contact our customer service team on 1300 791 970 Mon- Fri, 8am-5pm.