WINconnect - Moving Out

Moving into your new property? Fill out our Get Connected form to get yourself set up.

WINconnect - Moving Out

Moving out? Please complete our Move Out form to finalise your accounts.

Tips for moving into your new home:

Getting your services set up:

We strive to make the connection of your services as quick and as easy as possible. To do this, for a standard connection, we ask that you provide 2-3 business days’ notice.

Otherwise, we also offer priority or emergency connections when these are needed.

Connecting your Electricity:

Once you have filled out our get connected form and selected your connection date, if the electricity to your property is already ON, you don’t need to do anything. A read will be taken of your meter, and your account will be opened.

If your electricity is OFF before your connection date, you will need to make sure the MAIN SWITCH in your apartment is in the OFF position. We ask that this is done the day before your connection date as if we attempt to connect your electricity and there is a load (something drawing electricity) this can trip your meter (which is a safety mechanism) and means we won’t be able to complete the connection. If you are unsure if your main switch has been turned off you can contact your landlord, agent or building manager for assistance.

Your connection will take place anytime on the date you have selected. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an approximate time when your connection will take place. Once your electricity has been connected and a read from your meter taken, your account will be opened.


If you have any further questions, our friendly customer service team is on hand to help, please either call in 1300 791 970 (8am- 6pm, Mon-Fri) or email us at

Tips for moving out:

Closing your accounts:

To close your accounts, please complete our move out form. This will allow you to select a date to close your accounts, please ensure you provide 2-3 business days’ notice, so this is classed as a ‘standard disconnection’.

When picking your disconnection date, please keep in mind the disconnection can take place at any time on the day you select. We ask that you consider any cleaning services, property or leasing agent requirements into account.

Changing the date of your disconnection:

If for any reason you need to move up or relay your disconnection, please contact our customer service team ASAP for assistance.

Receiving your final bill:

Your final bill will be sent to you in the following bill cycle after the disconnection and will be marked as “final bill’ on page one.

If you have any questions about what to expect on your final bill, please contact our customer service team.

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