EWOV Report – How WINconnect does it better!

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) has released its 2019 Annual Report – and it’s good news for WINconnect.

The report shows that Australia’s two biggest energy retailers both received nearly five complaints per 1,000 customers in the last 12 months. However, WINconnect scored well in the report receiving less than one complaint per 1,000 customers.

So just how do WINconnect keep our customers happy?

Our call centre is based in Melbourne, and our staff are knowledgeable about our products and understand the needs of our customers. We don’t give our call centre team strict KPIs that demand they take a certain amount of calls per shift, instead we ask that they solve a customer’s problem the first time they call.

This allows our team to spend a little extra time with each caller to offer a more tailored service, rather than a one size fits all approach. We’ve also empowered our staff to make decisions on the spot, without tedious approval processes from superiors.

When done properly, community energy networks provide significant benefits – reducing costs for Owner’s Corporations and providing apartment residents access to solar energy and electric vehicle charging, which they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

However, we are concerned that a number of community energy network providers are operating without being registered to the Ombudsman. This means that many customers are without consumer protections and do not have an avenue to voice their concerns.

While we’re incredibly proud of our results in this year’s EWOV Annual Report – we want to see the rest of the industry cleaned up as we all have a responsibility to provide customers with the best service possible.

Access the full EWOV Annual Report here.