Commercial Embedded Networks

WINconnect are Australia’s largest and most trusted Commercial Embedded Network provider, connecting buildings to sustainable and equitable utility services, now and for the future.

What makes us the most trusted? Over 15 years of dedication to the industry and our passion for partnering with forward-thinking clients to future-proof their building assets and supercharge the value of their investments.

Our expertise spans residential, retirement, industrial developments, commercial buildings, retail centres and airports – we operate over 500 commercial sites; and have completed over 50 successful brownfield conversions across Australia. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with regulators, clients, and their stakeholders; as well as playing our part in greening the energy network.

Our clients are among the leaders in their industries and know that WINconnect’s commitment to quality outcomes and regulatory compliance mean we are the only provider they can put their trust in.

Why partner with WINconnect?

We partner with clients to achieve a common goal – your goal.

WINconnect is the only service provider which operates across more than 120,000 service-points Australia-wide; with dedicated teams of operation based in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, and WA.

Our expertise and financial backing mean we can provide a variety of models to implement a Commercial Embedded Network at your building with your objectives and your tenants in mind.

We are a full-service organisation and offer your choice of either fully funded models, or tiered models of service, to establish your embedded network and secure cost-savings, tenant benefits, sustainability initiatives, increased asset value, or a combination of all.

Furthermore, we’re able to provide options whereby the embedded network or infrastructure is leased back from you by WINconnect – lifting your rental revenues and as such your building asset value.

We manage your tenants every step of the way and provide guaranteed benefits with simple agreements, no confusing terms, no initial offers, and no lock-in periods.

The value of a commercial embedded network

A WINconnect commercial embedded network harnesses the capabilities of bulk electricity purchasing, creating additional revenue streams, enabled by the ability to resell the bulk-purchased power. A well-managed embedded network can deliver significant income surplus per tenancy, per annum for the asset owner.

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To discuss how WINconnect can assist with a Commercial Embedded Network for your building or development, please get in touch via one of the below options:

Phone:- 1300 791 970


    WINconnect’s embedded networks offer streamlined billing and various pricing incentives to your tenants not available with other network models.

    WINconnect can offer peace of mind, providing full;

    Regulatory compliance

    Electrical retailer authorisations

    Risk management

    Financial securities licence

    Turn-key solutions – from design through to implementation

    Tenant management

    Power of choice for your tenants

    Access to the ombudsman

    Financial backing

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    To discuss how WINconnect canassist with a Community EnergyNetwork for your development, please get in touch via one ofthe below options:

    Phone:- 1300 791 970