WINconnect reaches 1 MW solar milestone for Australian apartments

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  • October 14, 2021

With solar panels now a common sight on low-density residential buildings around Australia*, WINconnect is bringing renewable solar energy to apartment buildings and their residents through its Community Energy Network infrastructure.


Since the first installation of Solar PV panels at Kubix Apartments, Doncaster, Victoria in 2015, we have experienced significant growth in our Solar PV network, reaching the milestone of 1MW of energy capacity across our sites, which in turn generates enough energy to power 500 apartments off the grid for a year.

Everything we do at WINconnect comes back to the ethos of ‘think global, act local’ and we are driven to make a real difference with our sustainability offering.

With more people opting to live in apartments, we knew we needed to deliver an innovative solution to give residents access to the same sustainability benefits as they would in any other dwelling – by installing solar panels on the roof.



Each apartment building we operate is different, and we approach each site as its own unique entity, looking to maximise the renewable energy we can deliver through solar, based on the roof space available. We then design a custom solution, installing high quality systems that developers and building managers can trust.

In recent years, we’ve seen Councils around Australia requiring developers to meet certain sustainability targets in new builds, such as GreenStar Ratings, before planning approval can be granted. As an industry expert, we work closely with developers to achieve a sustainable design and meet planning requirements.

While some buildings may not suit the traditional model of rooftop solar panels, we have developed innovative solutions to deliver renewable energy to apartments – including installing vertical solar panels on the Harbour One building in Melbourne.

Photograph taken on an apartment building roof, on a sunny but slightly cloudy day, overlooking the views of Melbourne's Docklands. Cranes and an apartment building can be seen from the rooftop view. On the right are vertically installed solar panels, mounted to building louvres located on the roof.

Vertical solar panels at Harbour One


Although installing traditional solar panels on this roof wasn’t an option, we identified a vertical surface which was exposed to direct sunlight and met the requirements for successful solar energy generation. We worked closely with a supplier and installer to source lightweight solar panels (8kg), which could be glued to a vertical louvred surface on the Harbour One building, resulting in renewable energy generation for the 330-apartment development.

At WINconnect, we understand the importance of reducing our impact on the climate by increasing our commitment to sustainability through renewable energy. We’re committed to going above and beyond our customer’s needs and expectations to deliver solutions which benefit all.